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My best friend Megan is a magical pumpkin carving wizard. 

This year she wanted to carve something extra awesome for the Nerdfighter pumpkin contest. Unfortunately, after hours of searching online, she couldn’t find a stencil that she really liked. The only option was to make her own stencil.

I suggested Grace Helbig, one of our favorite youtubers…because…why not? We wanted subject matter that we are nerdy about, and this definitely fit the bill. 

I lack all skill when it comes to creating things but Megan is a rock star. This was a big project that took many hours of hard work but it was a ton of fun. Because I couldn’t help with the hands-on work without ruining everything, I decided to document the whole thing and post it on the internet. 

After selecting an image and using a photo editing program to create the stencil, Megan cleaned the stencil up by hand so it would be easy to use. Then she transferred the stencil onto the (words largest) pumpkin using carbon paper. Finally, using the image as a guide and a set of wood working tools, she carved one hell of a pumpkin. 

When she was done, Megan stood back, took it all in, nodded in approval, and said, “Daily Grace? More like Daily Gourd!”

Grace, You’ve been carved. 

(ALL the credit to Megan. I’m still trying to convince her to make a post about this herself. This is art, Girl!)

October is almost upon us so I’m bringing this back from last year…
is already planning this year’s pumpkin art. Prepare to be impressed.



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…one of these things is not like the other

Can we please take a moment and appreciate the fact that we are one of the most respectful fandom of the YouTube community. I’ve never really heard people chasing down the girls at convention..
Just look at the gifs of Hannah’s meeting, people were in a circle, not shouting, not slamming on something, they were just listening to Hannah with all their respect and that is really beautiful.
The trinity fandom is smart, respectful, good to each other.
When the girls say that we are the best community/family, I think that they are right.. Just look at us

I’m so proud of this fandom, this family, you have no idea how much.

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